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Tuten's vision is to become a strategic partner for the big companies that seek to face their challenges of digital transformation in an agile way, supporting them to design and implement solutions that generate a better customer experience and an increase in their operational productivity by using state-of-the-art technology.

Tuten puts at the disposal of the great leaders in the service industry the most sophisticated technologies and the best practices from around the world to deliver efficient results, real-time recommendations and operational intelligence that is key to the business.

What we do

Our platforms combine extensive business expertise moreover, world-class technologies to deliver measurable results, optimizing critical business processes and over everything, surprising our customers with the best experience.

Grow your business and improve customer satisfaction

Deliver exceptional service experiences that attract and retain customers, improving business profitability

Increase productivity and efficiency

Optimize your resources and work teams to increase productivity and business quality

More visibility and fewer risks

Decrease risks and costs in the delivery of services through greater visibility and capacity of reaction before imponderables

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100% Agile Methodology

Based on the Agile philosophy, all our projects begin with a Blueprint phase, where in conjunction with the client we define the problem to solve and the value proposition that should be developed. Once the project is set, we carry out an analysis of our existing platform to identify which aspects of the value proposition is pending development, and with that, we define the Project backlog. Subsequently, an agile cell is constituted with an exclusive dedication to the project, which continuously releases improvements in the product to the satisfaction of the Client. Finally, we make continuous improvements of our solutions based on user feedback and provide the support required for the proper performance of platforms.

Step 1


Identification of the problem to solve

Step 2


Ideation of value proposition

Step 3


Definition of functionalities to be developed and UX

Step 4


Agile cell constitution and implementation

Step 5


Continuous improvement of the solution

Our team

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field.

Roi Amszynowski
Livio Carrasco
Diego Bernal
Felipe Sanchez
Jose Marchant
Gonzalo Ugarte



New corporate offices

We open our new corporate offices in the prestigious El Golf neighborhood.


The second round of investment

Tuten makes its second investment round, exceeding USD 4.3 Millions in funds raised.



Tuten exceeds 100,000 transactions processed per year and manages to manage a portfolio of +500,000 users.


B2B launch

The launch of the first Tuten platform for the B2B market.


Entry to Mexico

Tuten opened its first office abroad in Ciudad de Mexico.


The first round of investment

Tuten makes its first investment round, exceeding USD 1 Million in funds raised.

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B2C launch

The launch of the first Tuten platform for the B2C market.


Seed Capital of CORFO

Tuten is awarded the Seed Capital award from CORFO with a $ 25 million subsidies.


Tuten is born

From the MIT innovation center in Boston, USA ,the first pillars of Tuten are forged


The best customer service experience

State-of-the-art technology that automates processes, increases productivity and delivers greater business visibility

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